Natural bonbons, made from real, locally sourced ingredients. Made by hand in our factory, that once was an old schoolhouse, in the heart of Österlen.

 Available in some of Sweden’s best Michelin starred restaurants, hotels, shops and department stores.

Our bonbons

For us, it is not about colourful, pompous products in a fancy package.
Our focus lies on ingredients and taste. We want every bonbon we make to have a distinct flavour profile and clear tasting notes. The exterior is simple, natural and minimalistic. No colouring that distracts the senses.

As our factory is located in the middle of Österlen, a region also known as the “cupboard of Sweden”, we have locally grown produce within an arm’s reach. And we are able to work directly with great producers that are dedicated to what they do and the quality of the ingredients that they produce. Raspberries, lavender, goat cheese, apple cider, honey… everything we need to flavour our chocolate creations is right here in front of us. This is the true foundation to the taste you get from our products.

Colourings, preservatives, pre-packaged fruit purées and synthetic aromas are banned from our factory kitchen. Why? Because real ingredients gives better taste and taste is the heart & soul of Österlenchoklad.

Factory, shop & café

Our factory is located in the small village of Skåne-Tranås near Tomelilla town.
The factory shop is open all year and our small café serves mostly sweet treats but we have something savoury too and we always serve great speciality coffee from small Swedish micro roasters. You can enjoy your Swedish “fika in our café or during sunny summer days in our garden.

Our Österlen

Österlen is a fantastic place for a vacation with beautiful sceneries, beaches and many things to do. To make it easier for your planning we have gathered some of our favourite places in and around the region. You find the full list at www.fabrikorerna.se

Our story

The vacation that never ended. That is one way to describe it. What we thought would be a brief stop for a cup of coffee in a small village ended up being the biggest change of our lives. Instead of buying coffee, we bought a bonbon factory. And after that we started another chocolate factory. A real chocolate factory, making Swedish chocolate bean to bar from directly traded cacao beans (The Swedish Cacao Company). But that’s another story that you can read about here.

Today you can see the production of both Österlenchoklad and The Swedish Cacao Company (Svenska Kakaobolaget) when you visit our place in Skåne-Tranås. We still make all our chocolate and confectionary. Small batch, by hand and with lot’s of love.